What is a ‘digital payroll bureau’?

We are a payroll bureau that is based entirely online!  We believe in a streamlined and focused system which enables you to manage and submit your data without the hassle or wasted time and energy.

What about Auto-Enrolment

The cost of ongoing Auto-Enrolment is included in the prices quoted from the Pricing page


Where Auto-Enrolment has to be set up the one-time set up costs are:

£500 to set upto 10 employees

£45  for each employee thereafter

Are there any extra fees?

We never hide fees or costs.  Our calculations are fixed and inclusive of VAT, meaning that we will never bill you with any nasty surprises.

How is my Employees data processed?

Our account managers will be able to take your employee data and produce reports for your records, along with providing PDF payslips and digital paperwork through to your email address.

What about compliance with HMRC?

It’s our job to make sure that we are fully compliant with all of HMRC’s guidelines – and our team is always keeping up to date on any changes that may impact your business accounting.

What makes you a market leader?

If you haven’t read our story yet, please click here to take a closer look!  In short, we believe payroll administration should be offered as a standalone service, one with a focus on efficiency and ease of use.  Rather than offer payroll administration as an add-on service, we’ve made it our complete focus.

Let us do the Payroll

and the paperwork