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New London Payroll was started in order to provide clients with dedicated payroll support - rather than offering payroll as an add-on service, it’s our complete focus.  We’re the first completely online payroll bureau, which has been set up to ensure that everyone has access to expert help whenever and wherever they need it.


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Our story

We started New London Payroll in direct response to the lack of time most accountancy firms and experts actually have to give to payroll queries.  While payroll is crucial to small businesses up and down the UK, we noticed that many financial advisors were offering this side of accountancy as an add-on service, or even as a lead-in to other areas.  This inspired us to take payroll away as a sole focus – to provide clients with one service, with all the attention and expertise it deserves.

As a payroll provider London firms can depend upon, we’re proud to be bringing our ethos to more and more businesses.

As the first payroll bureau to operate entirely online – and with a focus entirely on outsourced payroll – we are leading the way for other firms to follow suit.  Our team of financial experts and software engineers have been able to develop a system which not only gives clients complete control over their data, but also complete peace of mind.

Our innovative approach and HMRC payroll tools allow us to dedicate all of our time to your administration – meaning that we can provide you with the comprehensive reports and data you require within a very short period of time.

Let us do the Payroll

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